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Lazy Egg Benedict Brunch

On sundays I wake up late and I like to start my day with a nice egg Benedict.

This is how to proceed

Start by doing the sauce that will cover the eggs, enough for 4 people.

Put 3 egg yolks with 4 spoons of water in a sauce pan and start cooking on low volume and stir until it gets thick with a mousse. Start adding little by little 100g of melted butter then juice from half a lemon.

Now do the poached eggs. Boil water with 2 spoons of vinegar. When boiling, turn down the heat so it simmers. Now add the eggs carefully, let them boil about 3 min.

Toast some soft white bread and cut them in circles for a nice presentation. Put a slice of salmon on top, add the egg and finish of with the sauce. This is plain heaven.

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Sunday Dinner

Last sunday I cooked a sunday meal with season Asperge Mousseline for starter, lapin bourginion for main and my classic lemon tarts for dessert. I love cooking on sundays, all day long…..

So for the recipes, search for bourguignon on my blog on page 9 and you will find a previous recipe I did, just change the beef to a whole rabbit. For the tart, search for lemon and you will find the recipe on my blog.

Asperge Mousseline

This is a healthy and seasonal recipe I love.

Steam some asparagus and let cool. If you have no steamer, then cook the asparagus with the ends out of the water, like that the ends of the asparagus will just steam as they are more fragile. Let them cool down.

Prepare the mousseline by doing my mayonnaise, search for mayonnaise on my blog, then whip eggwhites until they become a mousse. Now add the mayo in that. Voila, the perfect mousseline! Now serve like I did on the picture by wrapping the asparagus in chives and put the mousseline on the plate before adding the asparagus, dont forget to salt and pepper.

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I am back! Now that I live in Paris I can not really cook in my studio, being used to big kitchens…A couple of days ago I organised a dinner with Michael, my friend who is a very good cook. We did a Surf and Turf themed dinner party at his place. Lobster sandwich with mayo and Steak sandwitch with Chimichurri served with champagne, delicious!

Lobster Sandwich

Fresh Lobsters




Mayo (home made, see recipe in previous pages under “mayonnaise” )


Soft Bread (pain de mie)

First of all you need to cook the lobsters in boiling water, always undercook them a bit for the meat to be tender. As soon as the lobsters starts getting pink, take them out of the water. Do not forget to put the living lobster in boiling hot water so it dies immediately…..

Chop salad, avocado, celey and shives. While de lobster cools down, do the mayonnaise. Now do the sandwich by putting all the ingredients between two pieces of toasted bread. Serve with cooled champagne, it is heaven.

Steak Sandwich





For the chimichurri Sauce

A handful of Fresh Parsley

A handful of Fresh Coriander

1 small onion

2 garlic cloves

1/2 cup olive oil

1/3 cup apple cider vinegar


1 tomato

Fresh Chili

Start by mixing all the ingredients of the sauce together, chop everything very fine. Marinate the meat in some of the saufe for an hour and leave the rest of the sauce for later.

Grill the meat quickly on very high temperature, you my add some whisky while grilling. Cut the meat in pieces. Put the meat in a baguette, add avocado and the nice and spicy Chimichurry sauce. Easy!

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How to be the (almost) perfect housewife

Do not get me wrong by the title, I am not submissive (in the household) and I dont do the dishes after I cook as I dont like to get my hands dirty, so either your husband gets a maid or he does it himself. You can’t cook AND do the dishes, that would be slavery…… I prefer to cook, organise a well kept home with flowers and candles and dinner parties. So what is a modern housewife?

First of all she needs a husband or boyfriend…….then she needs to know how to cook at least some desserts and classics, why not take some classes with Alain Ducasse school in Paris, its great!

Second she needs to know the art of receiving. That includes making a nice athmosphere for the guests (inviting the right guests…) making a nice table setting(classic with a touch), the art of conversation(NOT the latest American Pie movie you saw) and dressing the part(classic is the best). In todays society I feel that has been neglected.

Third, she needs to know how to decorate a home, for that you just need taste (and money), or at least the same taste as your husband/boyfriend. If you do not have taste, it can be tricky, then you must have lots of money to hire a very good interior designer, or hire me…..But one tip I can give you is, never use more than 3 colours in your home, always have fresh flowers and candles. Oh, last but not least the bed, ONLY use WHITE perfectly ironed sheets of good quality and millions of pillows….

She also needs to know how to please her man by making his favorite cake or drink and……well, you know.

For this, she MUST be rewarded. Voila, now you know how to be the almost perfect housewife!

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Citrons Confits in the Loire…..

In winter you do not see the sun that often, so I decided I needed some sun on my plates and did Citrons Confits, its so easy and so good to use in your cooking.

Start to steralize a glass bowl by cooking it in hot water some minutes. Now clean some organic(!) lemons and cut them like I did on the picture below and stuff them with sea salt. Put them in the glass bowl and add some boiled water, but not too hot. Let them marinate a couple of weeks and add to your chicken, white fish or desserts and pretend you are in an exotic country, in the heat, on the beach eating some exotic dinner……