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Veal with Black Berries

Its the season of blackberries so I integrated some in my veal dish……

Recipe 4 people

4 Veal Cutlets

150g farce

200g blackberries

1 ognion

3 spoon honey

1 glas of red or white wine

4 tablespoons of balsamic vinegar


Like on the picture above, start by putting the farce and some berries on the veal and close it with cooking thread. Put butter and olive oil in a pan and grill the veal on all sides, then add the finely chopped onion, the vinegar, the honey and the wine and last but not least the berries. Let cook 20 min on médium temperature covered. Serve with mached potatoes. 

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A forgotten Classic

I love things classic, in clothes as in food….as in men….

Here is a recipe of my Eggs in Jelly, Oeuf en gelé for 4 people

Cook organic eggs for 5 minutes, then cool down with cold water. Do the jelly base, you can buy that in all food stores. Take away the shell from the eggs. Take bowls and put a spoon of the jelly base before putting the egg and some herbs of your choice. Put some ham around the egg and finish of by adding the rest of the jelly. Now put in the fridge for a couple of hours before eating.

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Summer Lamb in South of France

There is many people who do not appreciate the taste of lamb, and I am one of them, but with this recipe any lamb facist will change their mind! I got this recipe from a chef friend of mine.

Lamb in Escargot Butter

1 shoulder of Lamb( ask the butcher to take away the bone and flatten the meat in a square to be able to roll it)
1 bunch of fresh parsely
1 package of butter
Lots of bacon slices
4-5 pieces of garlic
summer potatoes

Mix butter, garlic and parsely in a mixer until rather smooth. This is called escargot butter in french because this is what you often cook snails(escargot) in. Put it all on the lamb, now roll it into a roast. Put the bacon slices all around the roast so the juice stays in….Now with a thread put it together. Put the potatoes around and put in the oven for about 40 min in 180C. Let it cool down a little and enjoy…….

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South of France and Lazy food…..

Hello all my friends! I just came back from a nice trip from South of France, where I stayed in St tropez and then Nice and Aix en Provence. Needless to say, that when it is hot you get lazy to cook, so here is some really fresh and simple recipes you can realize.

Apero Rolls

The easiest thing in the world, just roll fresh cheese in Parma ham, pour lots of olive oil and put in the fridge for a while before eating, great with a nice glass of wine.

As I am swedish, I made my special Gravlax and potato salad, one of the classic dishes in the summer in Sweden.

Beetroot marinated Gravlax, to be prepared 48h in advance

Prepare the salmon 48 h before. Buy a raw salmon, if its a big filet, rub it in 3 spoons of salt, 3 spoons of sugar, raw beetroot and lots of dill and the peel of a an organic lemon. Let marinate in the fridge for 48h under some weights so the juice comes of. It is beautiful when you cut it as the beetroot gives the Gravlax a nice pink color on the outside.

Mariannes Swedish Potato Salad

Cook the potatoes, small ones from the season. Cut the potato in 3. Add spring onions, sliced radish, green paprika, shives and a nice mustard sauce made with olive oil, white vinegar, mustard, salt and pepper. Voila for a lazy afternoon with friends……….

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Last night I went to the famous soiree blanche in Paris, once a year a huge picnic is organized where everyone needs to bring tables, chairs and food and be dressed in white. The location is secret until last minute, literally. This year it was on pont Alexandre3, it was beautiful and an amazing experience! I was in charge of the food with my friend Melissa, we decided to do an asiatic theme as often it can be eaten cold.

We did asiatic meatballs and vegetable and shrimp nems, must I say it was a success…!

Here is the recipe of my nems

You need this to fill them:
Shrimp, peanuts, carrots, coriander, mint, chili, ruccola salad, cucumber, rice noddles and avocado.

You will need to buy rice paper and put them one by one in hot water so they become soft and you just start filling them like a nem. So easy and feel free to change the vegetables.

A nice sauce is that you mix soy sauce, fresh ginger, sesame oil, lime, garlic and chili.

These nems are very easy to store and are eaten cold. So why not create your own white picnic in the parc……