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South of France and lazy food

Hello all my friends! I just came back from a nice trip from South of France, where I stayed in St tropez and then Nice and Aix en Provence. Needless to say, that when it is hot you get lazy to cook, so here is some really fresh and simple recipes you can realize.

Apero Rolls

The easiest thing in the world, just roll fresh cheese in Parma ham, pour lots of olive oil and put in the fridge for a while before eating, great with a nice glass of wine.

As I am swedish, I made my special Gravlax and potato salad, one of the classic dishes in the summer in Sweden.

Beetroot marinated Gravlax, to be prepared 48h in advance

Prepare the salmon 48 h before. Buy a raw salmon, if its a big filet, rub it in 3 spoons of salt, 3 spoons of sugar, raw beetroot and lots of dill and the peel of a an organic lemon. Let marinate in the fridge for 48h under some weights so the juice comes of. It is beautiful when you cut it as the beetroot gives the Gravlax a nice pink color on the outside.

Mariannes Swedish potato Salad

Cook the potatoes, small ones from the season. Cut the potato in 3. Add spring onions, sliced radish, green paprika, shives and a nice mustard sauce made with olive oil, white vinegar, mustard, salt and pepper. Voila for a lazy afternoon with friends……….

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Last night I went to the famous soiree blanche in Paris, once a year a huge picnic is organized where everyone needs to bring tables, chairs and food and be dressed in white. The location is secret until last minute, literally. This year it was on pont Alexandre3, it was beautiful and an amazing experience! I was in charge of the food with my friend Melissa, we decided to do an asiatic theme as often it can be eaten cold.

We did asiatic meatballs and vegetable and shrimp nems, must I say it was a success…!

Here is the recipe of my nems

You need this to fill them:
Shrimp, peanuts, carrots, coriander, mint, chili, ruccola salad, cucumber, rice noddles and avocado.

You will need to buy rice paper and put them one by one in hot water so they become soft and you just start filling them like a nem. So easy and feel free to change the vegetables.

A nice sauce is that you mix soy sauce, fresh ginger, sesame oil, lime, garlic and chili.

These nems are very easy to store and are eaten cold. So why not create your own white picnic in the parc……

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Normally a Foret Noir, Black Forest cake is not made like this, but as long there is cherries, chocolate and cream, for me it is a Foret Noir.

Here is how I do mine.

Start by doing the dough, mix 250g flour with 125g butter, 1 egg, a spoon of sugar, some salt and vanilla until it becomes like sand, now add half a glass of water and make the dough even. Put in fridge for 1h. 

Now put 500g of fresh cherries with a cup of sugar in a pan and cook until it thickens. 

Put the dough in a form, either rectangular or round and cook for 30 min, 180C. Cool down.

When the dough is cooled down, add the cherries. Least but not last, melt 100 g of chocolate with 20cl of cream and 2 spoons of butter and put on top of the cherries. Let cool down in the frige a couple of hours and add some whipped cream just before serving. Enjoy…..

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Asparagus Salad from great french bistro LOGRE

This weekend I went to LOGRE, which is a very nice traditional french restaurant, using seasonal, quality products with a nice selection of wine. The owner is very friendly and likes to take care of his clients like if they ate dinner at his home. Their speciality is meat (which you know is my weakness….) but they also have nice starters like this asparagus salad. On the picture on the left it is their salad and on the picture on the right it is my version of their salad. I added a poached quail egg and lightened my mayonnaise with battered egg white.

Here is the recipe of my version

4 people

8 green asparagus
4 quail eggs
1 big tomato
4 slices of bacon
1 egg white

For my mayo

1 egg yolk
1 spoon of mustard
Tasteless oil

Start by doing my lemon mayo, batter 1 egg yolk with one spoon of mustard for 3 min, now add the oil little by little until you get a mayonnaise. Add a bit of lemon juice, salt and pepper.

Now cook the asparagus just enough for them to stay crunchy, about 4 min in salted water. Peel the tomato and cut in small pieces. Poach the quail eggs for about 1 min in vinegar water. Grill the bacon until crisp.

Just before dressing the plate, add one battered egg white to the mayo to make it light and fluffy.

Thank you LOGRE for this idea for a starter.

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Sunday Dinner

Last sunday I cooked a sunday meal with season Asperge Mousseline for starter, lapin bourginion for main and my classic lemon tarts for dessert. I love cooking on sundays, all day long…..

So for the recipes, search for bourguignon on my blog on page 9 and you will find a previous recipe I did, just change the beef to a whole rabbit. For the tart, search for lemon and you will find the recipe on my blog.

Asperge Mousseline

This is a healthy and seasonal recipe I love.

Steam some asparagus and let cool. If you have no steamer, then cook the asparagus with the ends out of the water, like that the ends of the asparagus will just steam as they are more fragile. Let them cool down.

Prepare the mousseline by doing my mayonnaise, search for mayonnaise on my blog, then whip eggwhites until they become a mousse. Now add the mayo in that. Voila, the perfect mousseline! Now serve like I did on the picture by wrapping the asparagus in chives and put the mousseline on the plate before adding the asparagus, dont forget to salt and pepper.